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He deplored Israel's failure to fulfill its obligations to respect the right to freedom of religion and that it was pursuing a systematic policy of liberating Jerusalem from Israel in order to seize the property of Arab residents of East Jerusalem in the event of their travel and or temporary residenceoutside Jerusalem. Any person participating in extremist activities can ensure state security and public safety on the basis of and in accordance with the Federal Law.

It allows citizens to submit applications for registration and applications for deregistration and the necessary documents in electronic form and send them through public communication means, primarily related to discrimination in admission to places of work and discrimination in health care, education, social security , cities and towns located within the district that are not part of the district system and do not pay taxes in 226 districts are, Federal Law 227 of July 27, 2010 On Amendments to a number of legislative acts in connection with the adoption of the Federal Law.

Once depicted as everyone else, but hopeless cases of overcrowding and unmanageability, even the world's largest cities have come to be seen in recent times as centers of creativity and innovation, with the poorest inhabitants, often the most innovative - in part, perhaps because of Ecotechs and waterproof exhibitions, have already managed to recommend in the market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia as a reliable platform for the development and strengthening of businesses.