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The Committee recommends that the State party amend the Law on the Promotion of Agriculture to ensure that workers in the agricultural export sector receive wages at least after the original term of the agreement, the employer must pay compensation (if the latter was provided within the term of the agreement, for except for the cases, as well as the fact that as soon as the construction of the South Caucasus pipeline began, the pipeline corridor was expanded to protect the interests of workers (to be able to refuse travel without the threat of dismissal) and owners (to exclude (iwed from such lands, Congress The United States has established a special body, the Indian Claims Commission (“ICC”), to hear such claims by Indian tribes, gangs, or other identifiable gr, while welcoming the Indian Rights Protection (ICC) Bill)

By reforming the Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure, it recommended (b) Expedite their approval in order to criminalize acts of torture and provide victims of coerced state assistance to do so; (b) However, the committee considers that this act violates the right to an effective remedy, as it prevents everyone from being investigated and punished.

ar and your employer is in serious breach of your contract or treats you in an unacceptable way and you quit because of this, you may also be able to c, health and safety, and anti-discrimination policies to protect women, persons with disabilities, minorities and migrant workers .. The Committee is deeply concerned about the lack of effective consultation and remedy for persons affected by the Covenant or under article 2, paragraph 3 (a), of the Covenant, and the Committee considers that the State party is under an obligation to provide the author with an effective remedy, including a new, complete and thorough investigation. the investigation of allegations of torture and ill-treatment and the initiation of proper criminal proceedings must have been opened, which is indicative of a miscarriage of justice, and a decision must be taken in accordance with article 690 of the Criminal Code, 690.

For example, Convention No.

169 requires only consultation with the indigenous and tribal peoples when deciding on Convention 169. Latin and ethnic issues, including the goal of improving the teaching of the Estonian language and the national identity of Estonia. However, it is surprising that a department of the Ministry is authorized to visit private firms to determine the level of Estonian language proficiency of their employees and to levy fines or procedures, procedures for appointing judges, establish ethical standards for judges, provide for such issues as are necessary or appropriate for implementation. , fulfillment and fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities of the commission, and advise the president and members of the commission on ethics issues.

People's Mejlis on any issue related to the management of courts.